Installing Yellicode


  • Yellicode requires Node.js. You can get the latest version (Node.js includes the NPM package manager) here.
  • You will also need a recent version of TypeScript. You can get TypeScript here.

Installing the CLI

The Yellicode CLI is the Command Line Interface tool that runs code generation templates. Open a Node.js command prompt and run the following command:

npm install @yellicode/cli -g

The –g argument will install a package globally. This is required for any CLI application.

For help, please refer to the NPM docs.

Installing the modeler (optional)

Yellicode can generate code either without a model, from a JSON file or from a UML model (see the quick start). For creating UML models, you should install Yellicode Modeler: download Yellicode Modeler for your operating system and run the installer.

Quick start

The quick start will help you create your first Yellicode template. For a full overview of the docs, visit the documentation section.

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