Yellicode Extensions

This page provides an overview of Yellicode extensions. Extensions are typically custom code writers that make writing code generation templates for a particular programming language or framework easier.

Currently, this list only has a few extensions - hey, we only just launched - but we hope to receive contributions from the community soon!


This extension contains a TypeScriptWriter class and other utilities that make is easier to generate TypeScript code from a Yellicode template.


A small but powerful extension to transform your model classes into HTML. This extension is also demonstrated in the bookstore tutorial.


This extension contains a CSharpWriter class and other utilities that make is easier to generate C# code from a Yellicode template.


Reverse engineers an existing SQL-Server database and generates C# entities, CRUD actions and stored procedure calls.


The extension is intended as an alternative for the Angular CLI and provides a starting point for your own Angular (2+) application code generator, which you can extend to your needs.


By default, Yellicode only supports UML primitives like boolean, string and integer. This package extends Yellicode with .NET types. You can import this package into Yellicode Modeler and into any code generation template that depends on the .NET types from this profile.

Can't find the extension you are looking for?

Don't worry. You can also use Yellicode without extensions: the core TextWriter is always available for common code generation tasks.

Writing an extension yourself

We encourage developers to write and share new extensions for their favorite technologies. Check out creating a custom code writer to get started. For more inspiration, we recommend taking a look at the source code of the C# extension and TypeScript extension, which both provide custom code writers.

You should share your extension as a Node.js module. If your are new to writing Node.js modules: there are many resources online, such as the documentation at the NPM website itself.

Get your extension listed here

If you created an extension to add to this list, just drop a note in the forum and it will be added to this page.