Generating multiple files

Sometimes you might want to generate multiple files from a single template. For example, you might want to generate a number of TypeScript classes where each class resides in its own file. To do so, organize your template code as follows:

import { TextWriter } from '@yellicode/core';  
import { Generator } from '@yellicode/templating';
import * as elements from '@yellicode/elements';

Generator.getModel().then((model: elements.Model) => {
    // Generate a file for each class in the model  
    model.getAllClasses().forEach((eachClass) => {
        Generator.generate({ outputFile: `${}.ts` },
            (writer: TextWriter) => {
                writer.writeLine(`/* This file contains the code for class '${}'. */`);

So, instead of calling generateFromModel() directly, we have split our generator calls into a single getModel() call and a variable number of generate() calls.