ModelBasedCodeGenerationOptions interface

Combines the CodeGenerationOptions and CodeModelOptions for the generateFromModel function.

Inheritance Hierarchy

ModelBasedCodeGenerationOptions CodeGenerationOptions
ModelBasedCodeGenerationOptions CodeModelOptions


modelTransformModelTransform [0..1]Specifies an optional model transform that is applied to the model before it is returned. Inherited from CodeModelOptions.
noParseboolean [0..1]When true, no attempt will be made to parse the JSON data as a Yellicode model and the plain JSON data will be returned. Inherited from CodeModelOptions.
outputFilestring The path of the output file, relative to the template file. Inherited from CodeGenerationOptions.
outputModeOutputMode [0..1]Indicates what to do if the output file already exists. By default, the output file will be overwritten, unless a diffent mode is configured in the 'outputMode' setting for this template in the codegenconfig.json. If outputMode has a value, the template configuration will be ignored.  Inherited from CodeGenerationOptions.
regionMarkerFormatterRegionMarkerFormatter [0..1]Provides an optional RegionMarkerFormatter that provides region start- and end markers based on a region name. Region markers must be used in files that must to be merged with generated code. If not specified, the default region marker format is used. Inherited from CodeGenerationOptions.