Generalization interface

A Generalization is a taxonomic relationship between a more general Classifier and a more specific Classifier. Each instance of the specific Classifier is also an instance of the general Classifier.The specific Classifier inherits the features of the more general Classifier. A Generalization is owned by the specific Classifier.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Generalization DirectedRelationship Relationship Element


appliedStereotypesStereotype [0..*]Indicates which stereotypes from the selected profile (or profiles) are applied to the element. The selected profiles are the profiles that are applied to the containing package. Inherited from Element.
generalClassifier [1..1]The general classifier in the Generalization relationship. 
idstring Gets the unique ID of the element. Inherited from Element.
isSubstitutableboolean Indicates whether the specific Classifier can be used wherever the general Classifier can be used. If true, the execution traces of the specific Classifier shall be a superset of the execution traces of the general Classifier. If false, there is no such constraint on execution traces. If unset, the modeler has not stated whether there is such a constraint or not. 
ownedCommentsComment [0..*]The Comments owned by this Element. Inherited from Element.
ownerElement [0..1]Gets the element that owns this element. Inherited from Element.
specificClassifier [1..1]Gets the specializing Classifier in the Generalization relationship. This property is derived. 
taggedValuesTaggedValueSpecification [0..*]Contains 0 or more tagged values for the element. Inherited from Element.





Gets the text contents of the first comment in the element's owned comments, or an empty string if the element has no comments.

Return value
Type: string [1..1]
The body string of the first comment. If the element has no comments, an empty string is returned.
string [1..1]Gets the text contents of the first comment in the element's owned comments, or an empty string if the element has no comments. Inherited from Element.