Feature interface

A Feature declares a behavioral or structural characteristic of Classifiers.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Feature RedefinableElement NamedElement Element
Feature OrderedElement Element


appliedStereotypesStereotype [0..*]Indicates which stereotypes from the selected profile (or profiles) are applied to the element. The selected profiles are the profiles that are applied to the containing package. Inherited from Element.
idstring Gets the unique ID of the element. Inherited from Element.
isLeafboolean Indicates whether it is possible to further redefine a RedefinableElement. If the value is true, then it is not possible to further redefine the RedefinableElement. Inherited from RedefinableElement.
isStaticboolean Specifies whether this Feature characterizes individual instances classified by the Classifier (false) or the Classifier itself (true). 
namestring The name of the NamedElement. Inherited from NamedElement.
orderinteger [1..1]Gets or set the sort order of the element if it is part of a collection. The value is 0 for elements to which no particular ordering applies. Elements with a lower order come before elements with a higher order. Inherited from OrderedElement.
ownedCommentsComment [0..*]The Comments owned by this Element. Inherited from Element.
ownerElement [0..1]Gets the element that owns this element. Inherited from Element.
taggedValuesTaggedValueSpecification [0..*]Contains 0 or more tagged values for the element. Inherited from Element.
visibilityVisibilityKind [0..1]Determines whether and how the NamedElement is visible outside its owning Namespace. Inherited from NamedElement.





Gets the text contents of the first comment in the element's owned comments, or an empty string if the element has no comments.

Return value
Type: string [1..1]
The body string of the first comment. If the element has no comments, an empty string is returned.
string [1..1]Gets the text contents of the first comment in the element's owned comments, or an empty string if the element has no comments. Inherited from Element.